A next-generation way to help prevent pregnancy before it starts


ella® is a new kind of emergency contraceptive in a class of drugs that reduce your chances of becoming pregnant after unprotected sex or birth control failure.1

ella works by preventing ovulation, even during the time in your cycle when you’re most fertile1, for five full days following unprotected sex.2 That’s important because sperm can live for five days in a woman’s reproductive tract, but most emergency contraceptives are only approved for three days use.3

All emergency contraceptives are most effective when you take them as soon as possible after birth control failure, which is why we made it simple to obtain ella at a campus health clinic, urgent care center or emergency room, even without an appointment. And if you don’t have access to those services, you can order ella online from PRJKT RUBY and get it the next day.

If you would like to become pregnant in the future, don’t worry: ella will not impact your long-term fertility. So, you’ll need to continue using your regular birth control method after taking ella if you aren’t ready to get pregnant yet.

ella Important Safety Information
The most common side effects of ella (ulipristal acetate) tablets include headache (18%), stomach pain (12%), nausea (12%), menstrual pain (9%), tiredness (6%), and dizziness (5%). ella should not be used if you know or suspected you are pregnant, and ella should not replace a regular method of birth control. If you become pregnant or have lower abdominal pain after taking ella, seek help from a healthcare provider right away as you could have a pregnancy outside the womb (ectopic pregnancy). ella may change when the next period comes. If your period is delayed beyond 1 week, you should be checked for pregnancy. Do not use ella if you are breastfeeding. Do not use ella more than once in a menstrual cycle. After taking ella if you do have sex again in the same cycle, use a reliable barrier method of birth control like condoms until your next period. Using ella with hormonal birth control such as birth control pills can reduce the effectiveness of both drugs to prevent pregnancy. If you are planning to use hormonal birth control, do so no sooner than 5 days after you take ella. Using some medicines and herbs may make ella less effective. Talk to your healthcare provider about all medicines and herbs you are taking before you use ella. ella does not protect against sexually transmitted infection or HIV.


Where can I get it? How much does it cost?

You can get ella® at campus health clinics, urgent care centers, emergency rooms and Planned Parenthood. Your general practitioner can also prescribe ella. If you don’t have access to those services, you can order ella online from PRJKT RUBY with next-day delivery following a brief online medical consultation.

Pricing may vary depending on where you get ella. Under the Affordable Care Act, you may be able to get ella at a reduced cost or no cost at all, and your insurance plan may also influence the amount you pay for ella. Contact your local pharmacy for specific information about the cost to you.

Keep in mind that if you buy ella online, you may have to pay a fee for overnight shipping. Since timing is of the essence with emergency contraceptives, rush charges are common, but it’s worth it if you can’t obtain the emergency contraceptive you need in another way.

Will I need a prescription?

Yes, ella® is a prescription emergency contraceptive, but most women can get it without an appointment. We worked with campus health clinics, urgent care centers and Planned Parenthood to make it simple to obtain ella when you need it. And if you don’t have access to those services, you can order ella online with next-day delivery following a brief online medical consultation.

Can ella® interact with other drugs?

As with any other drug, you should check with a doctor or pharmacist to make sure ella® won’t interact with any other medications or supplements you may be taking.

You also should avoid taking ella if you are already pregnant, are breastfeeding, or have already taken ella once since your last period.

How is ella® different from other emergency contraception?

The active ingredient in ella®, ulipristal acetate, is effective at delaying ovulation (egg release) for up to five days after unprotected sex or birth control failure.1 This provides the extra pregnancy prevention you need—because sperm can survive for up to 5 days inside the body.4 Other emergency contraceptives are only FDA-approved to be used for three days after unprotected sex.5

Also, ella’s ability to prevent or delay ovulation doesn’t decrease over the five-day period following when you take it. Other emergency contraceptives lose efficacy every 12 hours.

Is ella® an abortion pill?

No. Emergency contraceptives like ella® work by preventing ovulation, which stops pregnancy from occurring in the first place. It won’t end an existing pregnancy. The abortion pill, also called RU 486 or Mifeprex®, works by terminating an early pregnancy.6

How will I feel after I take ella®?

Some (but not all) of the side effects include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Menstrual pain or cramps
  • Tiredness
  • Dizziness

Tell your healthcare provider if you have any side effect that bothers you or does not go away.


If you’re worried about an unplanned pregnancy from unprotected sex or failed birth control, put your future in your hands and get ella® today.


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